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Frequently Asked Questions - Seat Covers

Recently, we asked our customers for feedback on the questions that come to their minds when reviewing our website or when researching seat covers. We have put together this list of Questions and Answers in hopes that this might help our customers in their decision making process. If you have anything additional that you would like to know after reading this information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Q: Why buy from Precision Fit rather than another seat cover company?
A: Since 1982, we have been handcrafting quality seat covers. Here are some reasons why we have stayed in business so long:
Custom Fit to your vehicle's exact specifications
Easy to Install - No special tools needed
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
1 Year Warranty (with a 3 year extended warranty option available)
Quality OEM Fabric Options
Made in the USA
Q: How do I clean Precision Fit Seat Covers?
A: The seat covers from Precision Fit are easy to keep clean. Read the cleaning instructions to see information for each material type.
Q: Do seat covers allow for proper seat side airbag deployment?
A: Yes. We are knowledgeable in how every make's seat side airbags deploy, therefore, we make sure to add a tear away section in the specific space where the airbag needs to pop out in order to properly deploy. Therefore, seat covers do allow for proper airbag deployment. We have even put together a few videos showing an airbag deploying through a seat cover. See these brief videos of airbags deploying with Precision Fit Seat Covers
Q: Do seat covers fit over my original car or truck seats?
A: Yes, the seat covers made by Precision Fit fit snugly over your original seats.
Q: How easy of the seat covers to install?
A: The seat covers are very easy to install. Each row takes approximately 45 minutes and no special tools are needed. Each set of seat covers will will be mailed with specific instructions for the make and model they were created to cover. If additional instructions or assistance is needed, the customer is welcome to give us a call to get further information.
Q: Are there discounts or coupons available?
A: Precision Fit sells seat covers at great discounts. Depending on the fabric you select, your savings could be up to $300 less than suggested retail. We suggest joining our Facebook page or signing up for our email newsletter, as we alert our customers if new specials are coming out.
Q: Do seat covers come with headrests and armrests, too?
A: If your seats have armrests and headrests, then yes, your order will include them. The only exception to this is for sheepskin. If you are ordering sheepskin seat covers, and would like to have armrests and headrests, then you can order these over the phone.
Q: Do the seat covers fully cover the seats?
A: Yes, the backs of each seat will be fully covered. If your seat has a back side pocket, your seat cover will also be made to have a back pocket.
Q: Is this a reupholster kit?
A: No, our seat covers will fit snugly over your factory installed seats.
Q: How many seat covers come in a set?
A: A set of seat covers will cover a row of seats. For example, if you have front bucket seats, one set will cover both the driver and the passenger seats. For a middle row, they will cover a bench or two buckets should your model have that scenario.
Q: How accurate are the colors on the website for your products?
A: We do our best to make sure the colors are as accurate as possible, but computer monitor displays and color schemes vary as well as dye lots. If you are concerned about the color we always recommend requesting a free color sample by Contacting Us or use the Swatch Request page.

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