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Seat Covers 101

Many of our customers visit our website not knowing exactly which seat cover to choose for their vehicle. They also may not know all the benefits that seat covers can offer them. We have put together this information to help folks learn more about our products and also to provide more information on how to choose the right fabric for them.

Why Buy Seat Covers?

A vehicle's seats are designed for comfort while you drive from point A to B. Like almost anything, every seat in a vehicle has a limited lifespan. A seat cover is a simple way to protect your seats from normal wear and tear so that when the seat cover is removed, the seat is in perfect condition, boosting the appearance and value of the vehicle.

To have seats cleaned, repaired or even reupholstered is very costly. So purchasing a set of seat covers when you purchase a vehicle is the best way to avoid seat damage from:

  • Children kicking the back of seats or food and beverage spills / stains
  • Our own spills from drinks or food.
  • Rips, tears and dirt that the pets we love can unknowingly cause
  • Damage to seats from tools and materials that are vital to jobs / work
  • Damage from the sun
  • Day to day friction caused by moving around on the seat or getting in and out of the vehicle

Other reasons to buy seat covers:

  1. Personal Aesthetic: A set of seat covers could just be an inexpensive way to customize the interior of your vehicle to a different color or material scheme.
  2. Weather related changes: Some people love the look of leather, however, in the summer, they can't stand sitting down on the hot leather seats or the sticking to the seats when you get out. Adding a nice Microfiber or similar fabric seat cover in the warmer months can prevent those instances.
  3. Cost: Many folks wish they could afford the vehicle model with the factory installed leather seats, but instead opt for the lesser priced vehicle model with the standard cloth seats. Adding tcustom fit genuine leather seat covers to these cloth seats can save thousands of dollars, and you won't even be able to tell that you have seat covers on your seats. They even have the same great leather smell.

Which Seat Covers to choose?

There are millions of vehicle owners and many have very different needs when protecting their vehicle's seats. Depending on the daily activities you do, there are options of seat covers that will best serve your needs. For instance, someone with a taste for fine leather may have a different seat cover need than a family with six kids, or just as a surfer may need a different set of seat covers than a construction worker. No matter what your lifestyle is, we can suggest a set of seat covers that will suit your personal lifestyle needs. Here are a few examples:

Seat Covers for the Active Outdoor Enthusiast
If you or your family enjoy outdoor sports, a strong set of seat covers is the best decision. A fabric like Endura is as sturdy as a canvas backpack and will hold up against all of the elements of nature that you can bring into your vehicle. Endura is also waterproof and easy to clean so your seats will not get damaged by moisture or dirt. Neoprene seat covers are also a good water resistant choice because they are made from tough rubber to withstand abuse. Both are perfect for a surfing, kayaking, hunting and fishing enthusiasts that is always bringing water and/or dirt into the vehicle with them.
Seat Covers for the Family Vehicle
The family with kids comes along with a lot of activity. Our Velour fabric is the same OEM fabric that the manufacturers use when making the factory seats. Velour seat covers are an affordable way to put seat covers on all rows of your family vehicle and most of the time the fabric color and pattern will match your interior exactly. The seat covers fit so well that most people will not even be able to tell that you have seat covers on your seats. Velour is a very durable material that provides a very snug contoured OEM fit. Endura is another great option for families. It is waterproof and highly stain resistant. And, since our seat covers fully cover a seat, they will also protect from kicking, muddy feet that kids often have. Overall, both the Endura and the Velour seat covers are easy to spot clean.
Seat Covers for the Pet Owner
Pet lovers can be assured that their best friends will not harm the seats in their vehicle with claws, teeth, dirt, water and hair when they have a durable set of Endura seat covers. Endura is very easy to clean and is very durable. Animal hair is brushed off easily and if the rare accident does occur, you can bet it will not make it through to see your seats.
Seat Covers to suit a Luxurious Style
Who doesn't like leather? It's very comfortable and looks great. Lots of vehicle consumers would have liked to get the version of their car or truck that came with the Leather seats, but opted for the lesser expensive model or the vehicle they wanted didn't offer a leather seat option. We offer Genuine Leather seat covers that are double stitched for a classy OEM look that matches the original seat patterns, almost exactly, as well as Synthetic Leather seat covers that make your vehicle look like it came out of the factory with Leather seats, but at a lower cost. You even get the Leather smell and can choose between perforated or solid seat inserts “the middle part of the seat cover”. Microfiber is another great fabric that looks great on a vehicle's seats. It is just as comfortable and attractive as a microfiber couch. Both fabrics are easy to spot clean and fit like a glove.
You can also order Deluxe Leather Seat covers where the Outer seat cover section is made of Genuine Leather and the inserts are made of Microfiber, the same way many deluxe versions of vehicles are being made from the factory.