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1988 Subaru GL Models:
  • 1988 Subaru GL Base
  • 1988 Subaru GL Turbo

1988 Subaru GL Seat Covers

When you want the best fit with maximum protection and comfort you want PrecisionFit Seat Covers for your Subaru vehicle. We have a full line of seat covers designed to fit Subaru SUVs, Sedans. and Wagons. All of our seat covers are custom-made for a perfect fit right here in the USA.

What Makes PrecisionFit Subaru Seat Covers The Best:
  • Made in the USA
  • Precision-made for a perfect fit
  • Seat covers so snug they feel like a second skin
  • Full seat coverage front & back
  • Rear pockets sewn in
  • Foam-backed comfort throughout the seat cover, headrests, console covers, and arm rests
  • All applicable headrests, armrests and console covers included
  • Exact cutouts for seat levers or controls
  • Compatible with heated seats
  • Hidden seat airbag tearaways keep you safe without leaving a giant hole like others
  • Seatbelt & safety restraint access points
  • Seat covers sold per row (Two Buckets, or Single Bench)
  • Colors & materials to fit every lifestyle, personality and budget
  • Expert team of tailors, pattern makers, sewers, and customer service specialists
  • Crafted to order so we can also customize a special order if you want something changed
  • Quality since 1982
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