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Why use a Sunscreen in your car?

Sometimes called heat shields, sun shields or UV shields, sunscreens are useful at the beach, work, airport or anywhere you park. Not only are they effective at blocking out harmful UV rays, they can significantly reduce the amount of heat build up inside your car, truck or SUV by reflecting the direct sunlight away from the vehicle. This means that your vehicle is more comfortable to get into on a hot day and reduces the chances of the inside surfaces being too hot to touch. Another benefit to using a sunscreen is that when the interior of your vehicle is cooler, your air conditioning system does not have to work as hard to reduce the heat. Browse through all of our different sunscreen options available for just about any vehicle on the road.


Carhartt UVS100 Custom Sunscreen

Protect your vehicle interior from damaging UV rays with Carhartt style
Vehicle Specific
Starting at $76

UVS100 Custom Sunscreen

Reduce the interior temperature while protecting against damaging UV rays
Vehicle Specific
Starting at $68